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High-quality Alu sheet/Coil


Chongqing Shijie Al. is a large-scale listed company in China, which is engaged in the processing of aluminum sheet, foil and coil. We have lots of cooperation customers in North America, and we provide a large number of checker plates, middle and thick aluminum plate for them.

Product Alloy Temper Thickness(mm) Width(mm) Details
6061/6063/ 6082
Hx2/Hx4/T4/ T6 0.8-7.0 100-2600 Aluminum Sheet in North America-Tread Plate
Thick Plate 1xxx,3xxx,5xxx, 6xxx O/F/H111/ H112/H116/H321/T6/T651 3.0-150 Maximum 3100 Aluminum Sheet in North America-Thick Plate
Wide Plate 3xxx,5xxx, 6xxx, All Temper 0.8-600 100-2600 Aluminum Sheet in North America-Wide Plate
Coated Sheet 1060/1100//3003/3004/
H42/H44/H46/ H48 0.2-600 1700 Aluminum Sheet in North America-Coated Sheet
Mirror Sheet 1050/1060/1100/3003 H16/H18 0.28-1.6 500-1600 Aluminum Sheet in North America-Mirror Sheet
Hot Rolled Plate 1060/3003/5052/5754/
O/H*2/H*4/ H18/H111/ H112 0.8-7.0 100-2600 Aluminum Sheet in North America-Hot Rolled Plate

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