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Coating Line

--Technical parameters

1、  Raw material: Aluminum strip (coils)

2、  Weight of coil: Max3000kg/coil

3、  Weight of Finished product: Max3000kg/coil

4、  OD of coil: φ900~1600 mm

5、  Thickness of coil: 0.075-2.0 mm

6、  Width of strip: 900-1600 mm

7、  Line speed: 25 m/min

8、  Energy sources: natural gas, diesel oil, electrical power, water.

9、  Power: about 1500KW (380V)

10、Coating: continue double coating and double drying at front side while one  coating and drying once at back side of the strip.

11、Color coated layer thickness:Thickness of single dry film at front side is 8~20μm, thickness of dry film of Bottom paints at both side can be adjusted between 2~15μm.

12、Coiling single layer deviation≤±1.0mm

13、annual output:23 thousand tons/year(basis on 0.45×1220per day 16 hours 300 days)


--Technical processing

1.the line coat once then twice and then coat at back side. Secondly coated by double coating head, and coat at both sides at the same time.

2.when coat with PE half of the line is used.


-- Flowchart                                                                          


-- Equipment list and deployment

1.Uncoiler 1 set

 Pattern of uncoiler:Movable,coil clamped by hydraulic, Max supporting weight 3t. Shaft:φ150mm、φ405mm、φ600mm,line speed 25m/min,uncoil Tension≤2500N.m, tension adjusted automatically by magnetic powder brake.

Distance between two Collets can be adjusted according the width of the aluminum coil.


2.Strip Jointer 1set

 Clamped by hydraulic and jointed manually.


3.3-roller tension machine 1set

 Attached with tension testing meter for testing tension of aluminum strip so that tension of uncoiler can be controlled.


4.Single side coating machine 1set

Roller coating adopted achieved through a paints dipping roller, thickness of paints is controlled by regulating the scraping roller, and paint coated by the coating roller. Above three rollers are controlled by a frequency converting motor, and installed in the dustless room with the operating platform.


5. Front solid tunnel

5.1 Temperature preservation: temperature difference between outer and the furnace ≯100C

5.2 Within the working range in the furnace, temperature difference between any working section ≤±20C

5.3 Working at pressure , noise≤75db.

5.4 Inner wall of tunnel cover with 1.2mm304stainless steel.

 The coated aluminum strip gets to be dried entering the solid tunnel which compose of 3 stages at 6 meters and two venting stages at 1 meter, it is divided into 3 sections of which the total length is 20 meters. The normal temperature air is heated up to about 300℃by environment protecting burning equipment (electrical, gas, oil) and then blown into each section by the wind knife, and temperature should be controlled according to the variety of  the paints. The hot air is recycled by a automatic recycling machine, vented air is blown Into environment protecting burning equipment for repeat burning, that will further reduce the harmful ingredients, and this also enable to make full use of the energy, save the electricity power (oil). There is temperature meter indicating the temperature in each section, and there is gas concentration automatic testing device in the drying tunnel, and value displayed at the operating platform, when the concentration rise to the set value: 10%, it will give an alarm, and then venting device should increase the recycling of the gas, the operator should react correspondingly to avoid explosion. In case the concentration testing device does not work, and the concentration exceeds the normal pressure, the explosion vent will fall off automatically to prevent explosion accident. And vented gas from the repeat burning can reach the environment requirements.


To a certainty: keep pressure working.

Aluminum plate installed for supporting the supporting roller in the tunnel.


6 . Cooling Stage

The temperature of aluminum strip gets to be normal after it gets through the cooling stage, which can avoid chap.


7 . 3-Roller balancing machine

Water cooling roller adopted for further cooling the strip after balancing.

Thus, painted coating finished and if no double side coating need then it can go next rewinding stage and then to warehouse.


8.  Double sides coating machine

It is built up by adding back side coating machine to the front side coating machine.

The single side coated strip get into the double sides coating machine to continue to be coated with different color at both sides according to the requirements.


9. Back solid tunnel

It is almost the same as front solid tunnel. Compose of 4 stages at 6M and venting stage (3 stages) between them, total length is 27M.


10.  Cooling Stage

Cool the strip after it is dried and get to flattening machine.


11. Driving machine

Strip is conveyed to coiler through driving machine after it is flattened.


12. Coiler

Dc motor driven coiler is equipped with deviation rectifying device. Coil clamped by hydraulic to ensure trim coiling. Distance between Collets can be adjust according the the width of the coils.

Thus aluminum strip coating is finished.


13. Steel structure platform and dustless room.

To ensure coating quality and according to the design, the front and back tunnel and wind cooling system should be installed on the steel structure platform while coating machine in the dustless room .


14. Rewinding equipment: one ucoiler, one driving machine, one strip jointer. One coiler( with deviation rectifying instrument)


15. Electricity controlling system:Main component are sourced from the famouse brand, like mitsubishi PLC and pro-face touch pad,yaskawa frequency convertor,eurotherm DC speed regulater.


-- Electric instruction

1.  Technical performance of the whole line.

1.1 Whole line is controlled with PLC and HMI system,comparatively independent equipment has its own controlling system, so, section commissioning is available.

1.2 Equipment Controller is controlled by PLC,  equipment controller and driving controller is connected with switch and analog;Each controller system of equipment are connect by analog.

1.3 DC speed adjusting is feedback by the simulation speed tester.。

1.4 Roller diameter of coating machine can be set for modify the given speed.

1.5 Single equipment has function as: emergent stop, manual/automatic, single machine/linkage.

1.6 The equipment has the function of overload, malfunction testing, and protecting. Malfunction history record, checking. Main parameter history record, checking.

1.7 Main controlling component applies imported high quality products.

1.8 Controlling system features high opening, interact replacing, integration, high reliability, and high maintainability.


2.Controlling deployment of the line

 For the consistent controlling of the line, the whole controlling system is controlled by a PLC UPC, there installed with button, switch, controlling platform, digital displaying. The button and switch control the start and stop of each speed regulator and AC fan through coding processing program. The tension potentiometer attached to the tension speed regulator to control tension of each section, while line speed potentiometer to analog inputting for controlling the line speed of each speed regulator through coding processing program. The digital display displays the tension and speed of each section. Touch pad of coating room display alarming condition, running condition, speed ect for easy controlling and supervising.

 Besides the touch pad, There are also manual operating board at position of uncoiling, coiling, strip jointing, drying oven ect for easy operating.

There are emergent buttons at many positions for appropriate indicating and alarming device for easy dealing with emergency and protecting the operating person.

Whole line distributing testing device and controlling device and rigorous software function can ensure the reliability and safe of the whole line, the testing device is divided into deviation rectifying, photoelectric testing, tension testing ect. 

The coating line is a automatic project with developed producing technic and equipments, the whole controlling system includes:

          A、Uncoiling control

          B、coating control

          C、Coiling control

The automatic controlling system is designed according to the technic requirements, CIMS criterion, satisfying the demand of automatic controlling and management.


--General Instruction:Conveying motor of the line is controlled by YASKAWA (Japan), while DC ones is by EUROTHERM.

The entry of speed adjusting device is attached with fuse breaker and reactor.

Speed regulating device has the function of overheat protecting and with coding ID .

Quantity if controlling cabinet:8 sets

General instruction:AC motors of the whole line are with overheat protecting , circuit breaker.


--Operating platform of the line

Main one:

Location: coiling

Quantity: 1

main technical data:watch on the line speed of the coating roller, driving roller and current of reeling wheel; when run separately, set the speed of the roller, when wholly run, set the wholly speed.

Sub operating platform

Locate: First coating room and second coating room.

Quantity: 2

Function: 10.4 inch touching pad,watch on line speed of each conveying equipment and running condition, watch on the variation of the temperature in the drying tunnel and indicate the malfunction history record, checking, main parameter history record at pattern of curve; when run separately, set the speed of film solid roller, dipping roller, coating roller; when run wholly, set the line speed of driving roller and the scale of driving roller to film solid roller, dipping roller, coating roller.

Uncoiling operating platform

    Locate: beside uncoiler

    Quantity: 1

Function: set the uncoiling tension, to make sure the coating tension demand, magnetic powder brake, high precision tension sensor, close ring control.


-- Equipment maintenance

There are five principles for Maintenance: stated person, stated machine, stated time, stated volume.


1.maintenance of coating machine:  coating machine is the key equipment, besides routine maintenance, each roller should be clean. Wipe them slightly with soft cloth. Do not scratch them as it is mirror surface. And cover them when not working to keep the dust away. 

2.Maintenance of drying tunnel: blast it periodically to keep it clean. And also check if it has air leak.

3.Maintenance of other equipment please refer to routine.

4.The repairing of electric please refer to attached the electric theory scheme and instruction of each components.


-- Notice

1.Key equipment demands professional person to operate. No entry to coating room for irrelative person.

2.Keep the mill dustless and good ventilation.


-- Attached scheme

1.Electric scheme

2.driving machine assembling scheme

3.guiding roller assembling scheme

4.uncoiled/ coiler assembling scheme

5.3-roller flattening machine scheme

6.pinching machine 1 assembling scheme

7.pinching machine 2 assembling scheme

8.Strip jointer assembling scheme

9.Coating machine assembling scheme.

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